Beyond Memory

There Will Be Risks Involved 48″x60″ canvas, oils, clay, pigment, rabbit skin glue
With Practice I Burn My Hand on Magical Hotcakes 48″x60″ mixed Media
An Unmeasured Journey 58 x 77 canvas, clay, pigment, charcoal, rabbit skin glue, pastel
Without Fear or Favor, 60 “x 72” canvas, pigment, charcoal, rabbit skin glue
Ala Ahey 60 “x 72” canvas, clay, pigment, charcoal, canvas, rabbit skin
Without a ticket 39″x35″ Mixed Media on Canvas
Pre industrial 39″x35″ Mixed Media on Canvas
The Parting 48’x38 Mixed media
Scrapbook family 48”x38” Mixed Media
Sofas, Moles, and Tennis Balls 40″x35″ Mixed Media on Canvas