Discovering Stranger Worth

Without Fear or Favor

I just found the Stranger Worth website and read the statement on the CV page.  As an artist, I get what you wrote there and respect that.  You don’t need to write a CV, this is exactly what I was looking for packaged with some concise presentation of your work that tells your story a bit and what drives you as creatives in collaboration.  This is WAY more exciting, informative, and engaging than a formal timeline; it shows your substance.

“The greater the tension between the pairs of opposites, the greater the energy that comes from them.” -C.C. Jung   Great quote!

I’ve long been interested in his ideas around the anima and animus.  Have you ever run across the Kabbalah creation of humans as a story to describe our struggle for completion and union to reassemble the light that shattered forth from vessels of light sent out by the Creator?  They created by a process dubbed tzimtzum, “which in Hebrew means a sort of stepping back to allow for there to be an Other, an Else, as in something or someone else.”  When the great spirit stepped back to bring that space into being, it caused a void in which darkness came to be.  Then They spoke the words, “Let there be light,” because without darkness, there could be no light and absence of light is what defines the darkness.  Thus, ten vessels came into being and were sent forth, each filled with primordial light but they were too fragile to hold the power of that divinity.  They exploded and sent sparks all through the universe.  Humans were created to gather those sparks and repair the world/universe.  I find that correlates with recent hypotheses that the universe evolved consciousness so that it knows it exists.  The first human was both male and female, a sort of Siamese twin being connected along the spine… which is a kabbalistic explanation for the spinal processes, the bumps along our backs is where we were once connected.   This being was called Adam ha-Rishon.

Robert Cebbalos