Our Artist Statement

Our Endeavor is about a collaboration of the unconscious. A collision of two artistic natures. When tied together,

we act as one, but that one is only distinguished by being together.

When we come together, we make the decision to subvert our personal perceptions and transfer our awareness of shared consciousness made available by the collaborative effort. Stepping away from the canvas. we both are secure that neither of us could have made these paintings alone. We access unfamiliar realities more than we would as solo artists. To explain this state of collaboration we have created the word EACHIN to describe the whole collaborative experience.

Eachin has arrived.

Eachin embraces the imagination.

Eachin throws out possibilities forever.

Eachin is abundant.

Eachin is a record of two bodies in movement.

Eachin is about participation.

Eachin is a way of being.

Eachin steps away from the personal and opens up to the collective.

Eachin has no need for translation.

Eachin has no room for resistance.

Eachin is playful.

Eachin is Intimate.

Eachin embraces and encourages the random, the flukes, and the unexpected.

Eachin’s one essential requirement is to let go of personal baggage to travel light.

Eachin carries no suitcases.